Split System Air Conditioning Repairs Perth

Split System

Split system air conditioning provides one of the most economical and versatile ways to cool and heat your home. With an indoor unit on the wall and minimal electrical wiring connecting it to the outdoor unit, it can be very unobtrusive, offering clean and quiet operation throughout the year.

Split System Air Conditioning Basics:

Split system air conditioning is more than just a method of cooling rooms in your home or business premises. The systems are designed to provide cool air in the warmer summer weather and sufficient heat when it is colder. This eliminates the need for purchasing a separate heater and air conditioner, providing a viable option for those with a more restrictive budget.
Split System units have the capacity to lower the temperatures in small to medium rooms or areas, even in the challenging conditions of a Perth summer. There is an air handler located inside the wall unit, while a condenser unit is placed outside. Typically, the condenser unit has the capacity for several air handler units to be hooked up, allowing you to cool multiple areas.

Split System Air Conditioning Service Requirements:

Although split system air conditioning does offer an efficient and effective method of climate control, it doesn’t mean that it is maintenance free. Most manufacturers recommend a regular service routine, where the equipment is inspected at least once a year. Unlike a conventional air conditioner or heating system, there are no prolonged periods when the system is not in use. This means that you should time your service for just before the heaviest period of use. Here in Perth, that is likely to be before the hot summer weather arrives. A professional split system air conditioning service provider will assess your equipment to check for any issues or signs of wear and tear. This will provide the opportunity for any worn components to be replaced and you can ensure that your system is operating at optimum efficiency

Signs You Need Split System Air Conditioning Repairs:

Even if you have purchased the most reputable brand of equipment, without proper care and maintenance, you may begin to experience heating or cooling issues. However, most systems will begin to demonstrate signs that you need repair assistance before a breakdown occurs. There are several signs that your split system air conditioning is in need of professional assistance. These include:

Loud Operation: Split system units are designed to operate quietly, so if you notice that the equipment has started to make a louder noise when you turn it on, it is likely a problem is developing. You should be very aware of any grinding or rattling noises, which can indicate that there is a loose or worn component preventing the unit from operating correctly.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased: We all complain about the increasing cost of our energy bills, but if your bills have spiked for no apparent reason, it could be because your split system is not operating correctly. Heating and cooling accounts for the greatest percentage of domestic energy bills, so improperly functioning equipment can have a significant impact on your bills.

Split System Air Conditioning Repairs

If you have a repair issue or are in need of a split system air conditioning service, Perth property owners should contact us. The Air Cair team has experience in all aspects of split system air conditioning repairs and servicing. We are also available to address any queries you may have.