The 3 Different Kinds of Air Filters Used in Air Conditioning

The 3 Different Kinds of Air Filters Used in Air Conditioning
February 24, 2017 deploy

The 3 Different Kinds of Air Filters Used in Air Conditioning

Depending upon which type and model of air conditioning system you have you will need different air filters. Using the right kinds of air filters can increase efficiency and help to avoid split system air conditioning repairs. The manual for your system should include details on the kind of filters used and how to replace them. Let’s take a closer look at the three different kinds of air filters available and how they are used.

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1. Disposable Media Filters

These kinds of filters are the most common ones that people may be familiar with. They are usually quite inexpensive; they are usually made from fibreglass or polyester. The polyester filters are slightly more effective and water resistant. These materials are held in place with a plastic or wire frame that gives the air filter rigidity and prevents it from collapsing. These filters are quite effective at keeping your air healthier and removing particles that can damage your air conditioning system. They need to be replaced monthly as they can quickly become clogged up and then block the airflow into your home.

2. Washable Media Filters

A washable media filter can be easily cleaned and then placed back into your system. This kind of filter is less wasteful than the disposable ones, but it is usually more expensive. The filter will need to be washed regularly, which does require some additional commitment from the homeowner. These kinds of air filters can be more prone to collecting mildew and bacteria. Eventually, even washable filters will need to be replaced, and you need to keep a close track of how well they can be cleaned.

3. HEPA Filters

Depending on the definition you choose, the term HEPA is either a High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance or a High Efficiency Particulate Absorber. Both definitions mean the same thing, a HEPA air filter is very good at removing particulates from an air supply. These air filters are used in hospitals to clean the air, and as such, they are ideal for people suffering from allergic reactions and disorders of the immune system. A HEPA filter can be used on many systems instead of a conventional disposable or washable air filter. However, you should seek the advice of a qualified professional before you make a change. A HEPA filter can stop air from getting into your system and cause your air conditioner to malfunction. It may make better sense to choose a standard air filter with a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) and/or add an air purifier.

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